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Due to the escalating cost of printing, producing CDs and postage, RECORDERBOPPERS STARTERS PLUS  and  WELL AWAY are no longer available as a book with CDs. Instead they are now available to download at a reduced price. The book containing notes for teachers and the recorder music will download as pdf files from which individual pages could be printed, displayed on a computer screen or copied to a device belonging to a pupil for them to access outside of lesson time. The  CDs are delivered in a zip file which opens to display mp3 files of all the tracks contained on the CDs, which can also be individually shared with pupils.

In addition to RECORDERBOPPERS this section of the shop also contains material suitable for mixed ability groups as well as music for young players advancing beyond the beginners stage.




To hear extracts from each piece click either STARTERS PLUS or WELL AWAY.

On the next page click the individual piece you wish to hear then scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the music player. On this page you will also find the notes used in the recorder part.