Terms and conditions

TinderboxRecorderMusic.co.uk sells music written by David Moses. Music included in the category 'RecorderBoppers for beginners and beyond' can be purchased in the form of printed music, teaching suggestions and accompanying CD(s) or as downloadable mp3 and pdf files.
Music included in the 'Solo / Ensemble' category is sold either as a printed score and parts* which will be posted to the buyer, or delivered electonically in the form of pdf files which the buyer may print themselves*.
Customers interested in purchasing songs for children should click the link on the Home page to be taken to <www.tinderboxmusic.co.uk> where they can explore the Song Search facility.
*The purchase price allows the buyer to print one copy of the score only. Printing more than one copy of each part is permissible by the buyer when there is more than one player to each part. The music is covered by international copyright law, and any infringements will be prosecuted.

The price of each printed product does not include postage. Each item on this site has been weighed and during the 'check out' procedure the postage rate is calculated by combining the weight of all items in the basket, then adjusted depending on the postage class or zone the purchaser has selected. This platform is set up solely for online purchases.
Under normal circumstances your order will be processed and posted or delivered electronically within 48hrs.

In the unlikely event that printed music purchased online is no longer available a full refund will be given. This site provides customers with the ability to sample each piece visually and aurally which should make the need to return music unnecessary. Should such a case arise a refund of the postage + purchase price will be given on receipt of the undamaged and unmarked product within 28 days of the original online purchase. Customers are responsible for the cost of return postage and packing. It will not be possible to refund purchases of downloaded pdf files.

Please contact David Moses
Tinderbox Music
93 Stradella Road
London SE24 9HL

or email <[email protected]>